Conservation in the Communities We Serve

Conservation in the Communities We Serve

Vivaria Ecologics is dedicated to conservation in the communities we serve. For three generations,  71 acres of undisturbed forest on Rockport Road has been in the PioCosta-Lahue family.  We have developed a forestry plan that is certified by the USDA Forest Service's Forest Stewardship Program (FSP).  The Forest Service works in partnership with state forestry agencies, cooperative extension, and conservation districts to connect private landowners with the information and tools they need to manage their forests and woodlands.

Actively managed forests provide timber, fuel wood, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, recreational opportunities, and many other benefits. They also benefit adjacent National Forest System lands by creating healthier, more resilient landscapes overall.  (Source U.S. Forest Service - USDA).

Our plan’s primary objectives are to promote new tree growth, manage and reduce the impact of invasive species, restore native woody shrubs and ground cover, and maintain a habitat for native wildlife species.

By implementing forest management best practices, Vivaria Ecologics will be able to ensure that this area remains healthy and resilient for years to come.

The Rockport Road Forest Conservation Project is a part of our broader efforts to preserve the agricultural heritage of the area.  We are currently working to develop a composting facility on the Blau Road Farm, which is located just around the corner from the Rockport Forest.  Clean compost is an important resource for farming and other agricultural and horticultural applications. 

Learn more about our Blau Road Project here.