Technical Details

More on Composting and ASP Technology

Aerated Static Pile Technology (ASP) is one of the most efficient methods of composting. 


Here’s how it works:

●       The aeration system distributes air through the biomass to enhance composting conditions. All process air exhausts through a bio-layer (woodchips). 

●       Optimized process conditions drive faster composting while generating minimal odors and other regulated air emissions. 

●       The system features dynamically controlled aeration with a wide range of air delivery rates required to keep oxygen and temperature at Best Management Practice levels throughout the pile. 

●       Compost is kept in outdoor concrete bunkers.


 ASP Advantages

●       Excellent volatile organic compound (VOC), greenhouse gas (GHG), and odor control using site-built bio-layers and surface irrigation 

●       Ability to process feedstocks at irregular loading rates 

●       Compact site footprint which minimizes contact water impact 

●       More efficient process 

●       Automated controls to record temperatures